David Ramos

Business success is driven by beliefs.

I possess extensive experience in the art of building businesses, nurturing brands, and developing exceptional products across a variety of industries. Through my work, I have effectuated a significant impact by driving growth and success for the organizations I have been affiliated with.

In today’s competitive landscape, simply having satisfied customers is no longer enough. To truly stand out, you need to go above and beyond to delight, engage, and empower your customers. You want to create a community of brand advocates who will actively promote your brand, products, and services.

Throughout my career, I have collaborated closely with esteemed professionals, including marketers, consultants, designers, and CEOs, to elevate their brand acumen and spearhead meaningful change. I take great pride in my track record of delivering successful outcomes and facilitating the development of robust, effective brands that resonate with consumers and drive growth.”

20 Years of Marketing Expertise

CMO | Head of Marketing | Marketing Geek | Brand Builder | Forbes Contributor | Professional Tennis Player | Eternal Optimist | All-Around Nice Guy

About Me

I began my marketing career in the competitive landscape of New York City, where I assisted companies in launching new brands, revitalizing existing brands, and managing transitions such as mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. I helped a diverse portfolio of businesses to create differentiated, relevant, and sustainable brands across all physical and digital touchpoints.

As a marketing executive, I have had the opportunity to work with leading brands such as John Paul Mitchell, DMG Investments, Nest Seekers International, and most recently GFG Holdings. I have also been involved in significant brand strategy collaborations for companies like Netflix and NBC Networks, positioning myself as one of the most prominent and innovative brand strategy and marketing experts in New York City.

I am a frequent speaker at industry events and have been featured in various publications, including Forbes and CMO.com. In my free time, I am an avid tennis player and an advocate for diversity and inclusion through the sport. I currently reside in Miami with my two beloved hyper puppies.

My Expertise:

Brand Strategy + Brand Architecture

Identity Design + Positioning

Messaging + Storytelling + Copywriting

Fully Integrated Marketing + Campaign Design

Brand Partnerships + Growth Strategy

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